4 Pk Bottle Carrier

Key Features:

  • Comes with 4 spaces of the same size for each bottle.
  • Two spaces on one side of carrier holder
  • Custom 4 pk bottle carriers packaging are idealfor custom beverage packing for wine, beer, soft drinks, milk etc.
  • Can be used as promotional pieces to display new beverages.
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Balancing a couple of chilled beers in one hand can be a nerve wracking experience. The inevitable spill has left many brewsky lovers heartbroken, but you can save your customers from the same by opting for PakFactor’s custom 4 pk bottle carriers retail packaging solution. Perfect for chilled and fresh brews, these can hold 4 bottles with ease without getting soggy. The waterproof cardboard packaging will ensure your beers remain as cold in the box as they were in the fridge.

Like all of our cardboard boxes, PakFactory’s custom 4 pk bottle carriers product packaging solutions are designed to remain sustainable regardless of the beverages they are used to carry. This is one of the reasons why our bottle carriers have been a hit in retail stores. However, with our personalized designs, your branded bottles will stand out from the rest and the handles will just beg to be picked.

For beer lovers and brewers, nothing is perhaps more important that a bottle carrier that isn’t just durable, but is amazing to look at. At PakFactory, we can personalize your custom 4 pk bottle carrier packaging according to your brand, its colors, message and any unique design ideas you may think are important. That’s because at PakFactory, we are more than just packaging solution suppliers; we can help you take the right steps in your promotional campaigns that can ensure profitable results. The handle has a hole that just invites people to pick up the 4 pack bottle carrier. So, place any brand of beer, milk, wine or even bottled water to assure your buyers that you have their best interest at heart.

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