6 Corner Tray With Lid

Key Features:

  • Custom six corner box with tray and lid
  • Glued in six positions and ideal for confectionaries and bakery items
  • Perfect for items that need to be delivered immediately.
  • Offers ample space for custom graphics
  • Customizable 6 Corner Tray With Lid product boxes with space for logos.
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

It takes a special kind of packaging that can not only make products shine, but act as an attractive display case in short notice. The custom 6 corner tray with lid print boxes can act as both with its six glued flaps and durable tray. The box features two flaps on the lid instead of adhesive on the side panel. This prevents dimensional limitations and benefits the structure at the same time. It can also be folded into a long, narrow box if needed which is one of the reasons that it is a favorite with bakeries and cosmetic providers.

Since all six corners come pre-glued, they are easy to handle during shipment and assembly. The boxes offer ample space for graphics and the material can handle wear and tear for years. PakFactory’s custom 6 corner tray with lid product boxes are popularly used to store electronics, sweet delicacies such as cakes and makeup supplies for maximum visual impact.

If you are in need of functional, durable and packaging solutions that can be used multiple ways, PakFactory’s custom 6 corner tray with lid product boxes will not disappoint. Created with tender loving care from durable materials, these feature an innovative design that make them ideal for a variety of products. The width of the top lid is wider than the bottom and the boxes also share some features with our four corner variety. The custom 6 corner tray with lid product packaging boxes feature four flaps at the bottom and two on the lid, a style which accommodates products that need to be slid in. The attached lid can be flipped down and sealed from the outside without damaging the items stored within.

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