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Auto Parts Packaging Boxes

Auto Parts Packaging Boxes

Auto LED Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Auto LED Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Auto Air Spring Packaging Boxes


Key Features:

  • Rectangular in shape with a geometric design to accommodate cylindrical items
  • Ideal for cylindrical objects such as pipes, tin foil, aluminum foil
  • Features two tuck in inserts on the sides of the top flap designed to seal products within the packaging
  • Opens sideways and from the top which also features tuck in flaps
  • Two small flaps situated in the middle for added reinforcement
  • Made from sturdy kraft paper
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Sturdy Spring packaging boxes

When it comes to packaging items that are cylindrical in shape or extra long, not any packaging option will do. In order to ensure the products remain free of damage they need to be packaged in appropriately designed packaging such as Pak Factory’s auto air spring packaging boxes. Rectangular in shape, these boxes boast a geometric design that can accommodate cylindrical and long products with ease.

In order to ensure items remain within the printed auto air spring packaging boxes, we have added several tuck in flaps across the top flap and additional flaps at the ends. That way the products will not slip out and you can open the box either from the side to lift out the products from the ends to slip them out in a cupped hand.

Best Design

Like all of our packaging solutions, our automatic auto air spring packaging boxes can be personalized from top to bottom. This includes the design, images, content, color that you want printed on the surface.

We offer AQ coating, matte or gloss lamination/UV among other options. We also offer CMYK offset printing (i.e. we print with cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which offers a diverse range of colors compared to RGB printing. If you are unsure of the design you need, you can always get in touch with us for more ideas.

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