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Blue Pattern Dental Box with Insert

Blue Pattern Dental Box with Insert

Serum Product Packaging Boxes

Serum Product Packaging Boxes

Black & White Product Set Boxes


Key Features:

  • Set of two boxes for two different versions of the same product
  • Perfect for men and women product sets
  • Different printing options for both packages
  • Right size for beauty creams
  • Can be used for buy-one-get-one-free promotions
Price on Request

Two of a Kind

There is nothing more beautiful in this world then the contrast of two complete opposites. This is one of the reasons why the colors black and white are often used to attract the attention towards certain products. With each color symbolizing the opposite of each other, you can use our black & white product set boxes to market a product that comes it two different varieties. The softness of white is for the mild flavors or women, while the intensity of black is perfect for stronger flavors or men. With just two colors, you have excessive creative freedom to market your products right.

Custom Printing for Each Box

Color is not the only thing different for each box. Based on the products and differences, you can customize each box accordingly. Use our online ordering too to get your custom black & white product set boxes with different text and images if required. We will make sure each box looks similar yet unique at the same time. Our customization options range from a choice of color to printing and enhancement options such as embossing and perforation.

Share Your Needs

No matter what size pair of black & white product boxes you have in mind, feel free to discuss it with our experts. We have years of experience in creating custom packaging boxes for different industries ranging from food and medicine to cosmetics and electronics. So, call us to know more about our services and products.