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10 Fashion Packaging Tips

When a person buys a particular product, a lot of factors are considered before purchasing. One of the most important aspects is the packaging of the product. Statistics show that many people buy clothes and items from brands purely because their packaging is sleek, luxurious, and appealing to the eye. They may be using that brand for the first time, but they are willing to give it a try because the packaging is exquisite.

When it comes to packaging, a clothing brand should strive to ensure it sends a message, it draws attention, and it makes the buyer feel expensive. Some expert tips from clothing manufacturers for creating the right packaging for your fashion line are as follows.

1. Brand it

The packaging should sell your brand to not only the buyer but other people that will see it once bought. This is why it is crucial to brand your packaging with your logo and slogan for people to see. This makes you memorable among your customers, and it keeps you on the map alongside your competitors. Sewport CEO Boris Hodakel said that beginning a fashion line can be difficult, but the right branding can make it competitive and increase its sales.

2. Layer the package

When creating a package for your clothes, think of the experience that the buyer will feel upon opening it. You want to build anticipation and excitement at the same time. This can be done by layering, where the main package has another small package inside before reaching the product.

3. Keep it simple

At times, a simple package can draw a lot of attention and create emotions among buyers. The package needs to be relatable, bold and make a statement. This kind of simplicity attracts a lot of buyers especially if it is relevant to the product.

4. Use contrast

A lot of big clothing brands use contrast in their packaging to make them stand out. For instance, you can use a bright yellow with a matte black for your packaging. This creates a huge contrast that people will eye quickly at the store.

5. Be bold

Being bold with your packaging comprises everything from the design, color choice, and materials used. Your package should make a bold statement, and this can be done through the items mentioned above. When it comes to the design, do not be confined to the standard packaging of a square box or a bag. Get creative with different designs that spark interest.

6. Protective packaging

You want your clothes delivered to the respective customers safe and sound. To ensure this, you want your packaging to be protective. This means the material used should not cause any damage to the clothes inside. The materials used should keep the clothes secure enough to reach the customer untampered with. The last thing you want is customers returning their clothes because they are torn or damaged because of their packaging.

7. Eco-friendly packaging

Most customers go for packaging products that double up as other items. For instance, if your packaging is a bag, it should be one that can be used elsewhere like going for grocery shopping or carrying items around. This means the packaging is not waste and has no effect on the environment. Therefore, consider the after use of the packaging when creating it.

8. Utilize space well

Packaging needs to be efficient and convenient for both the company and the buyer. This means you need to utilize the space for your packaging well. If the clothes come in a box, ensure all the space is used. There is no need to put a small product in a huge package leaving extra space for nothing. Therefore, design the packaging to the specifications of the clothes.

9. Think of the product and the customer

When designing packaging think of the product that will go into it. You want the product to maintain its quality and freshness until it reaches the customer. For instance, do not use small packaging for clothes because it will make it crease and crumbled up. Also, think of how the customer will open the package and their ease with it. Is it easy to unravel or will they have to use a manual to open the package?

10. Use shapes and patterns

Lastly, do not be afraid to use shapes and patterns in your packaging because they create an airy and aesthetic feel. Patterns and shapes make your packaging look more attractive and classy. It will help in selling the product easily to potential buyers.

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Tomas Smith is a production process specialist at Sewport - an online marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers, former founder of various clothing manufacturing services. He is passionate about process optimization and all things related to garment manufacturing, writing and sharing his knowledge with the world.
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