4 Ways You Can Create Affordable Premium Packaging

4 Ways You Can Create Affordable Premium Packaging


A large portion of many consumer goods business budget is put towards the packaging of the product.

According to the publication “Private Label Buyer,” studies have shown that the appearance of a packaging increases the chance of creating a better competitive advantage for your affordable premium packaging.

What if, however, you are a smaller company and do not have the budget to design and produce high quality packaging.

Luckily, there are ways you can create affordable premium packaging without necessarily using premium material.

It will not only cost less but it will sure compete at the same levels of your larger competitors. Let’s explore how!

Go Paperboard


Paperboard Material

When it comes to choosing your box, avoid opting for a rigid box.

Although rigid boxes are typically the choice for many luxury brands, you can instead choose less costly materials such as folding cartons.

You can customize their style & structure and you are still guaranteed a lower price point than a rigid box material.

Not only are these more affordable, they are also a lot more eco-friendly and can be stored much more easily with their fold-able features

The Smaller the Box, the Better! 

small-paperboardBoxes that are smaller not only cost less in regards to printing but they also cost less when it comes to shipping. For this reason, it is always best to try and make your dimensions the smallest size as possible.

This helps to save costs in the long run and cut out the additional shipping charge you will incur.

Similarly, pay attention to size of the product. A bigger box is typically not recommended as it ends up having additional space that may damage the product during shipping. 

Focus on the Artwork

premium-artworkDepending on the printing capabilities and the manufacturer that you choose to produce your boxes, you can get away with creating a lavish artwork without paying any extra fees

If you’re looking to make your packaging look more luxurious, this is where you want to focus your efforts on. It doesn’t matter what color you use (unless using PMS Colors) or the style of the artwork, your budget will remain fairly the same.

Minimalism is also an option you may want to consider. Many luxury brands choose this route to create sophistication & class.

The Final Touches


premium-embossAdding coating, additional processes and special die-cuts are the final touches to creating a premium but cost-effective packaging. Opting for additional treatments can help enhance, highlight and lift your design. 

From embossing, spot UV treatments, foil stamping and more, there are plenty of treatments you can apply to the packaging that highlight and retain a premium look and feel to the product.

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