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Black & White Product Set Boxes

Black & White Product Set Boxes

Moisturising Lip Mask Packaging Boxes

Moisturising Lip Mask Packaging Boxes

Body Wax Strips Hanger Boxes


Key Features:

  • Hanger addition on top of the box
  • Durable packaging with top notch materials allows for long term use
  • A variety of options in custom printing on packaging to showcase business details
  • Customizable size to fit the product shape
  • Additional services that would help enhance the appeal of the packaging boxes
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Hanger Wax Strip Packaging Boxes Over Plain Box Packaging

People like to see qualities that promote convenience with usage when it comes to products relating to personal care like wax strips for women. To get that competitive edge over rivals, a good business would need something a step ahead from the good old ‘safety packaging boxes’. Sure at PakFactory we provide you with top notch packaging made from sturdy, safe, and reliable materials, but that is not enough.

The hanger crafted on the top of the body wax strips hanger boxes is ideal for carrying the box and placing it anywhere your customers would prefer, they may even switch to your brand when they see this added feature.

Custom Wax Strip Boxes

Customization for personal care product packaging was never easier than this. PakFactory gives you the freedom to have the packaging boxes crafted to your exact specifications. We employ a variety of materials all of which are sturdy and safe, but have different textures to meet different packaging necessities. Make sure you explore all customizable options. Before checking the boxes above, browse through the list of options you have.