Box Bottom Kraft Bags

Key Features

  • With a wide range of applications in the food and commodity sectors, our box bottom kraft bags give you the ultimate packaging you need.
  • Kraft bags are made from high quality materials and are held to industry leading standards in design and production.
  • Ideal for personal as well as commercial use, our kraft bags help you carry food, drinks, and other items conveniently.
  • Carry our box bottom kraft bags easily with handle cutouts and sealers that protect the innate items and keep them warm/cold.
  • Customize the print on our box bottom kraft packaging that can increase your marketing potential and branding prospects.
Price on Request

Carry Everything with Ease

Box bottom kraft packaging is probably one of the most commonly used types of bags in the food, beverage, beauty care, and other FMCG markets. What makes box bottom kraft bags so practical is their durability, portability, and reusability. If you are looking for high-end box bottom kraft bags with handles, then you’re at the right place with Pak Factory.

Pak Factory is the ultimate packaging provider for all types of purposes. Whether you need a few box bottom kraft bags for personal use or to deliver your homemade food and desserts, or want commercial grade bags that allow you to customize the print to boost brand awareness, we can help you get the right bags according to your specifications!

Durability Beyond Imagination

Get started by choosing the length, size, and thickness of box bottom kraft bags followed by single or double-sided colors, 7 different coating styles, and other additional processes that can add durability to your packaging. Once you’re done, choose the custom prints that you want on our box bottom kraft packaging and place your order!

If you’re not sure about the quality of our box bottom kraft bags, you can always order mock up to see the quality. If you like what you get, you can place a bulk order at cheaper prices!

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