Boxes with Divider Inserts

Key Features

  • Compact and stylish box with dividers for packing multiple product components easily
  • A great gift box option for multiple presents
  • Easy to open cardboard box design with sliding flaps at the point of the revolving hinge
  • Solid cardboard inserts for secure division of the items to be packed and stored
  • Can be reused as a personal chocolate or jewelry box, coin or stamp collection box easily
Price on Request

Multiple Items Packing Box

These boxes with divider inserts are ideal for storing and packing products which come with multiple assembly parts or options. All parts can be stored easily within one strong box to ensure an ideal product packaging design which ensures easy warehouse storage and also, ease for the customer.

These divider boxes can also be used as treat boxes for kids, or gift boxes for multiple items. The boxes can be reused later for a variety of purposes, making them a multipurpose solution for all.

Quality Cardboard Box Material

The material used in the design and structure of the custom boxes with divider inserts is of high quality durable cardboard, which ensures a sturdy box profile with a set of preset divider inserts. Both box and the dividers quality is sound and the packed items can be stored away with no risk of damages.

The box slides close securely on the hinge flaps and all packed items are secured on all sides by the hard cardboard packaging.

Attractive Designs and Box Styles

To get gift boxes with dividers, you can send the size dimensions and color requirements you want for your box, and use the boxes for treats in a party or event. Brightly colored boxes can also be reused for a variety of different purposes as well.

You can add more style to these boxes with divider inserts by choosing a style design which can set it apart from the others. An embossing or foil patching design, or a window patching style might answer to your needs. You can also experiment with debossing and perforated box design styles as well.

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