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Rice Packaging Boxes

Rice Packaging Boxes

Brownie Packaging Boxes

Brownie Packaging Boxes

Bread Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Feature straight tuck ends at the top and bottom for easy loading and extraction
  • Die windows can be added on request
  • Perforation free material that keeps contents free from moisture.
  • Best for bread and cake mix
  • Printable with any custom design and color scheme.
Price on Request

Printed retail bread packaging boxes fresh from Pak Factory

Bread mix is notoriously difficult to package but not in Pak Factory’s retail bread mix packaging boxes. Made using durable cardboard that can be embossed on request, the packages can keep powdered mixtures from clumping even if they are kept in slightly humid conditions. Nothing is more frustrating to a pastry enthusiast than grainy or clumpy cake mix after all. With Pak Factory’s branded bread packaging boxes you can rest assured that you r bread mix remains as fine as it was in the factory.

Practical and durable design

There is a reason why bread mix rarely comes in paper bags. Paper is not as durable as cardboard for one thing and it can get soggy extremely easily. Plus they are not easy to store or stack so if your customers need to make a lot of bread on a regular basis, they will start looking for more durable options. However, with our retail bread mix boxes, you can ensure your product and brand remains their favorite. The box can be opened from both ends for easy packaging and features tuck end flaps that will ensure the cake mix remains sealed inside.

Stackable and Printable

Since the package is in the shape of an elongated box, it can be stacked easily on store shelves and in cupboards. To make sure your target customers grab your bread mix from the stocked ones, send us your brand colors and design specifications and we will make your bread packaging boxes really stand out. If you want we can even propose our own ideas that we think will set your bread mix apart from the rest of the brands on those crowded shelves. Just give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and we will do the rest.