Brochure Display Holder

Key Features:

  • Two piece brochure display holder
  • Designed specifically to hold up brochures and can also dispense
  • Comes with two pieces that can be assembled easily
  • Base piece serves as a tray for brochures
  • Great way to condense literature in a display friendly manner
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

As the name implies, the custom brochure display holder or box is designed as a brochure display as well as a dispenser. It can also be used as a literature dispenser and it comes in 2 pieces along with a display panel that can be locked into place. The base can be locked into place and will remain steady regardless of the weight of your marketing literature.

Brochure display holders are just a great way to give customers a central location where they can get all of the information they need regarding your brand and products. In other words, custom brochure display holders can go a long way in attracting way more buyers than you anticipate! PakFactory’s display holders can stand all that marketing literature to attention to maximum exposure. This is way better than laying them flat on a table; people will pass by them without giving them a second glance. Elevate that literature by placing them on our personalized display signs for a profitable ending to a marketing campaign. The best part is that these are versatile enough to be suitable displays on retail store check outs, trade shows, schools and even desktops. 

If you are looking for custom brochure display holders, then you have come to the right place. Besides competitive pricing that cannot be beat, we encourage all of our customers to share their branding ideas with us. With help from our designers, we will design your display stand with your brand’s logo, colors and any specific design ideas you might have. All of the display stands at PakFactory are designed to display all manner of literature regardless of material. So, whether you want to promote rigid or paper thin brochures, you can bet they will be noticed with a custom brochure display holder and packaging box.

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