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Pink Sleeve with Gold Foil Logo

Pink Sleeve with Gold Foil Logo

Brown Chocolate Drawer Style Box

Brown Chocolate Drawer Style Box

Brown Healthy Food Sleeve


Key Features

  • High-quality eco-friendly cardboard sleeve
  • Affordable and durable
  • Several printing options available
  • Can be slided over food boxes to make the confectionery and savory items look delightful
Price on Request

Gain a Competitive Edge with the Packaging Sleeves

Do you want to project you brand identity to the customers in an affordable yet compelling way? This paper sleeve can slide over the box containing delicious and tempting foods. At PakFactory we want to ascertain that you are able to package your products in a convenient and ecologically safe way. Therefore, we print you logo and company name over these sleeves manufactured from high-quality recycled materials. Reduced cost doesn’t mean that the quality of the packaging declines.

The packaging sleeves aim to help our clients in the healthy food industry to gain a competitive edge. Good packaging is essential to let the customers know that you care enough about them. The competitive prices and the fascinating printing options on the cardboard packaging will make the food tubs and tray boxes stand out above the rest.

Flexible Customization

We are a leading packaging company and giving our clients the flexibility to choose even the minuscule details about the packaging sleeves is our top-priority. You can mention your desired specifications and we will make sure that our high-end processes deliver you a finished product exactly as you have imagined it.