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Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Purple Scent Box with Ribbon Closure

Purple Scent Box with Ribbon Closure

Creative Shampoo Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Unique top design for enhanced appeal
  • Easy-to-open top and bottom flaps
  • Triangular shape for better placement
  • 4 sides for product information
Price on Request

Make Heads Turn

Our creative shampoo packaging boxes have a unique look that can standout on store shelves, making all other products appear dull and boring. These custom shampoo packaging boxes have a triangular shape, which is another feature that makes them distinct, breaking the monotony of design.

The creative design and shape of the box is what makes it instantly appeal to the customers, making them choose your product over your competitors’. These custom boxes for shampoo bottles are stylish, fun, and exciting.

Customizable Creative Shampoo Packaging Boxes For An Added Edge

At PakFactory, we offer our customers a chance to get the most aesthetically appealing custom shampoo packaging boxes. These boxes are designed to perfection to give your product an edge over your competitors. Furthermore, the shape and design of the box will make your product standout irrespective of its placement in the store.