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Custom Plastic Blister Packaging

Save Money While Protecting Your Product

Plastic Blisters insert offer a cost-effective manner to make sure your product stays safe during shipping and transportation. It is a lightweight and flexible option for different kind of products including beauty appliances, toys, mobile devices, and even laptop packaging boxes. At Pak Factory, we add more value to the deal by offer highest quality protective blister inserts with a complete freedom to customize as per your specific product.

Blister Inserts

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Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)

Complete Customization of Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

At Pak Factory, we use high quality PVC to custom create blister inserts for packaging boxes. While a typical insert is transparent, we allow you to choose a color to add an aesthetic element to the whole packaging. The best part about blister inserts is not only their price but also the ability to mold it into multiple shapes with great ease. It is one of the most flexible protective options as we can create a proper insert for almost any shape and size of a product.

We can help you create a blister insert right according to the packaging box design. Due to their ability to keep a product in place without adding a lot to the overall cost, custom blister inserts can also be used to display the product safely and easily.

Get Greater Value with Pak Factory

Our custom blister inserts are the best choice for customers who want to save cost on packaging without sacrificing the safety of the product. We work along our customers to help them complete customize their inserts to serve all the intended purposes. You will find a number of boxes in our inventory that come with the option of blister inserts. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, feel free to tell us about your specific needs.