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Custom Cereal Boxes

Kids – they are the number one target customers of cereals. They enjoy eating these tasty treats in the morning especially when it's mixed with their favorite milk and additional toppings such as chocolates chips, bananas, etc. They are also the ones that having the buying power which is why it is important that the design of the custom cereal boxes match their taste. They usually base their choice on the artwork of the customized cereal box and fortunately, PakFactory has the right people for the job.

The packaging has to be attractive enough to get the attention of the kids and the parents while shopping through the aisle. Speak to one of our highly skilled product specialists to start designing your box now!


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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

Kids move around a lot when at the grocery store. They like to play, run from one aisle to another, grab whatever is within their reach, and ask their parents to buy those items for them. Paying attention to these types of behavior helps in creating the perfect personalized cereal box. What color combinations appeal to them? What cartoon characters do they want to see on the box? What font face is attractive to the children? Is the box easy to open? Can it seal the freshness of the cereals? PakFactory keeps these questions in mind while designing unique cereal boxes.

Creating Design According to Demographic

Having all these elements work together is important because the cereal box is responsible for introducing the brand and the product to the kids. It's also important to remember that there are cereals designed for adults that require different design concepts since the target market is different. With adults, the designs need to be more refined and the box has to contain more details about the product. Unlike kids, adults base their decision on the flavor or the benefits that their body will receive from the cereals that's why it's important that those are emphasized on the box. PakFactory considers the age of the target market to ensure that the design of the box will be visually appealing to them.

Extra Personalization

PakFactory provides additional options such as embossing, debossing, die-cut window, raised ink, and gold/silver foiling to emphasize the illustration, brand name, logo, and tag line. They can also add spot UV coating, glossy, aqueous coating, or matte, depending on the finishing that you want to see on the box. They make custom cereal boxes of different shapes and sizes that are easy to open – a feature needed by those who are always in a hurry every morning.