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Gold Chocolate with Ribbon Box

Gold Chocolate with Ribbon Box

Custom Cereal Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Confectionary box with a durable design
  • Can be used for packing variety of chocolate products from cereal flakes to biscuits and chocolate bars
  • Sturdy exterior packaging with thick box frame to prevent any moisture or damp from seeping in
  • Rectangular defined box design makes for easy storing and shelf stacking
  • Glossy packaging exterior for design and clear ingredient guide with instructions
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Durable Flap Rectangular Design

These chocolate cereal boxes are available in a durable rectangle box with a definite shape, in which chocolate cereal and biscuits can be stored easily.

The simple flap close design ensures swift product packaging, and the top and bottom flaps are sealed to preserve the quality of the packed food item. The rectangle box design ensures easy storage and shelving space for products in stores. The box width has been designed for easy handling as well.

Quality Cardboard Box for Product Safety and Food Assurance

High quality thick cardboard has been used in the making of these chocolate cereal boxes. The cardboard doesn’t let moisture or damp soak in and affect the quality of the packed food item. Also, the thick cardboard of the box ensures that the shape of the box is not spoiled during handling.

The original shape of the packed chocolate delicacies is also preserved since the durable box does not crumble easily under pressure.

Variety of Designs to Explore

The custom chocolate cereal boxes are available in a variety of sizes and choice dimensions to suit your needs. You can also pick and choose from a number of box design styles to order one which is attractive for customers and ideal for your products.

You can select foil stamping, window patching, embossing and an additional cut out style to make your chocolate packaging box different from all the others and a unique marketing tool for your company.

If you want quality affordable packaging, then place an order right now with Pak Factory, to get simple yet stylish packaging options. The right packaging can do wonders for your product so make the ideal choice now!