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Custom Foam Inserts For Boxes

Sophisticated Way to Keep Your Products Safely Packed

As the leading online destination for high-quality packaging options, PakFactory brings exclusive custom foam inserts for your boxes to help you protect products in a more aesthetic and sophisticated manner. Our high-quality foam inserts are perfect for delicate and fragile high-end items such as decorative pieces, wine bottles, crockery, and even electronic devices. No matter how unique your product is, we can provide perfect foam packaging inserts tailored to meet your requirements.

Foam Inserts

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Set Descending Direction

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Complete Customization Options to Suit Your Needs

When it comes to foam inserts, we know that requirements vary according to the nature of products and the market you are catering to. That is why we offer a choice of material and style of foam packaging inserts for boxes. We have the polyethylene foam, which is denser and hence offers more protection for heavy weight objects that need to be securely shipped. For more fragile products such as glass and crystal items, we suggest polyurethane, material which is relatively softer.

Other than the choices of material, we also offer you the freedom to configure your custom foam inserts as per your needs. You can specify a combination of convoluted, solid, or dice-based on what suits your requirements the best. Based on your requirements, our experts will help you find out the best foam cutting technology to choose.

Added Protection for Shipping

Our high-quality custom foam Inserts are designed while keeping your shipping requirements in mind. You can never guarantee how your products will be handles during shipping. No matter how durable the box is, custom foam inserts are important in order to make sure the item is protected against shocks and sudden movements.

If you need to know more about the variety of foam inserts we offer and which one is best for you, feel free to get a word from our experts through phone or email.