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Custom Invitation Boxes

Getting an invite to an event, a place or a party takes on more meaning when a person gets it in style. If you want to make your invitations stand out, it’s better to invest in some boxes for invitations. Not only are invitation boxes better received, they also serve as a little memento of that day that was so special. What's even better? You customized invitation box can be reused for memory storage or important stationeries

Since it can be tough to find the exact box you have in mind, why not opt to get your invitation card boxes customized? We make customizing easy whether you want to get wedding invitation boxes or simple card boxes for your event. Start designing today by calling or chatting with one of our highly trained product specialists!


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Boxes in Every Size

Paying close attention to the type and kind of invitations one prepares nowadays, we make sure to provide you with a box that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you’re opting for a traditional paper invitation or a more unique one, you can easily find the perfect box for it. If you don’t see the box of your size, let us know what you have in mind and we will have it made for you.

Picture Perfect Finishes

When it comes to the finish, we take pride in offering boxes with a variety of different finishes to them. Wedding invitations boxes tend to have a more silky sheen to them while others can have a more matte finish. Regardless of the kind of finish you chose, we ensure that it is applied perfectly on the box. Pick from a range of finishes including glosses, matte coats, die cutting and more.

Premium Features

Our paper finishes are among the best and we make sure to use the most premium quality materials in order to guarantee you get the results you want. Whether you want the boxes embossed, want to create a decoupage or create some other paper effect, we can easily craft invitations boxes that appeal to you. Whether you want to get foiling done, custom window cut out or more, we can customize your box for you.

Flexibility in Colors

Our color palette is flexible and can accommodate most colors. Pick and choose the perfect hue with help of the CMYK dyes as well as PMS colors that show off well on the box material. At the end of the day, we make sure that your price per box is cost effective and affordable without skimping on quality. Call us now, with our experts about getting your invitation card boxes made.