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Tea Bag Box

Retain the freshness of tea with PakFactory's tea box packaging. Our boxes can be used for both tea leaves and tea bags, with a stack-able design for easy storage. With so many colors and designs that you can mix and match, looking for the perfect tea package for your business will be as easy as sipping warm tea in the morning.

You can amp up the creativity and assign different colors for each tea flavor so your customers can easily find them and you can effortlessly monitor the inventory. Our goal is to help you achieve the packaging for tea that will grow your client base and increase your sales. Contact us now so we can start working on your tea bag boxes design!


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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

A growing number of people have an intense admiration for tea. Aside from the taste and the texture of the tea, the box it's contained in also plays a vital role in grabbing the consumer's attention. If you want your product to stand out, you need to put it in a packaging that doesn't only attract the target market but also seals the freshness of the tea bags and leaves inside. Our personalized boxes will guarantee the quality of your product, and the customers will bask in the aroma of the leaves once they open the box. PakFactory can help you design durable, high quality boxes that will make your target customers grab your products from the rack.

Pak Factory offers an assortment of colors, designs, and materials that you can use to create the perfect box for your teas. Enhancement options such as additional cut out, foil stamping, embossing, and printing are also available so you can add your brand's trademark on the customized boxes.

Your satisfaction is very important to us that's why we aim to deliver the best packaging for tea and shortest period of time (minimum of 10 days) at wholesale prices. We also make sure that we follow all of your instructions so we can stay true to your vision for your product and your brand. PakFactory creates durable, high quality custom tea packaging with a flair of elegance and sophistication. You can start by sending us the specific dimensions, attributes, and instructions that you want us to follow so we can start working immediately.

Why Choose PakFactory?

PakFactory produces top of the line tea boxes for your products. We not only focus on the quality of the materials but also best way you can attract your customers. Our printing standards ensures that your boxes are made with precision and trustworthy manufacturing practices. In addition to that, our product specialists are able to guide you throughout your whole packaging project to make sure you receive the packaging you envisioned from the beginning. Contact us now!