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Custom Tobacco Boxes

Ordering custom tobacco boxes are made easy thanks to PakFactor. PakFactory offers ideal packaging solutions for all tobacco products. Not only will you receive an aesthetically appealing custom tobacco box, you will also be offered competitive and affordable prices! Need help? Our full-service customer care is ready to guide you through finding your tobacco custom box through email, chat, form, or phone! Get an instant quote, don’t delay!


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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

Do you want to display and package your tobacco and tobacco products in fine, top of the line custom boxes? Then PakFactory is perfect for you! PakFactory offers over 200 box styles, so finding ideal styles for your specific tobacco product is made easy. This custom tobacco box will form perfectly to your needs, and present them in a way that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also complementary to the tobacco product.

Do not allow your tobacco products to be packaged in a sub-par, low quality custom household boxes. Packaging is important to consumers when it comes to tobacco items; having a secure custom box will help keep the tobacco products safe and out of harms way. PakFactorys’ custom tobacco products boxes go beyond this, and protects products while also complementing their design and offer aesthetic value to your brand. This will also help build brand recognition!

Not only are you receiving high quality, safe, and durable custom tobacco packaging, but you are also receiving aesthetically and visually appealing designs, made by you! Set your brand apart and build your brand recognition with high end (and affordable!) packaging that compliments and favours your products.

Having particular and specific needs for custom tobacco boxes is to be expected, and PakFactory meets and exceeds all of these needs. Completely and fully design your product boxes using our extensive array of customization options, and see the difference. All of our custom boxes also come in either matte or glossy finishes, with an wide array of other personalization options to choose from.

Some styles of closures available for your custom appliance box includes:

Tray Top and Bottom | Tray with Attached Lid | Locking Tray with Lid and much more!

Why Choose Pak Factory?

PakFactory proudly promises high end packaging and custom boxes for tobacco products. Best of all? We promise affordable quotes with no hidden or surprise fees. PakFactory ensures that your products are displayed in only the best quality of custom boxes available. Your images will be high resolution and quality, ensuring they are exactly what you desired. We use high quality offset and digital printing. Receive the best customer service and guidance through the helpful and willing agents at PakFactory.