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Custom Window Box Packaging

Eyes are windows to the soul and in the world of creatively designed packaging, the same principle applies. Window packaging give a sneak peek to anyone who holds the box. The amount of information revealed depends on the size of the window, and the desire to know more about what's inside the box is enough to convince the customer to make a purchase. We also specialize on window gift boxes that's suitable for any type of product.

PakFactory's paper box with window have the top and bottom tuck design that safely secures the products. This is very important especially when boxes are meant to be shipped to other cities or countries. Give us a ring so you can start collaborating on the perfect box for your business or gift!


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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

If a packaging is boring, they can easily blend into the background. Shelving and product placement are crucial elements, but if the design of the box looks unattractive, the customer won't pay attention to it. PakFactory steps in to solve the problem by providing packaging solutions that combine design and durability. With quality packaging materials that are meant to protect and enhance the products inside each box, our custom window packaging boxes are sure attract anyone's attention. Our boxes are ideal for products that need to have maximum exposure when they're displayed on the store's shelves such as cosmetic products, wellness products, toys, etc.

Window Option for Gift Packaging

There are different ways to style window gift boxes, depending on the part of the product you want to highlight. For some it's the label, others prefer to feature a small portion that's enough to spark intrigue, and there are companies that want to give away all of the details so the customers know exactly what it is that they are buying. There's also no limit to the number of windows that should be placed on the box, just let us know what you want so we can help you come up with the window box that will enhance your brand and compliment your products. Use your brand's logo, colors and style to enhance the window patching. We are more than willing to help you make those ideas come to life.

Why Choose PakFactory?

PakFactory produces very high quality window boxes at wholesale & competitive rates. We ensure that your apparel and accessories are showcased in the best way possible. The high quality custom printing will be true to life and compliment your products. Our friendly and welcoming customer care agents are available to guide you along the way! Get only the best, from PakFactory.