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PakFactory offers Free Sample* options for our customers after full order commitment. It is an optional process to help customer be more certain about their result. Talk to us now about your project. One of our product specialist will be in touch with you within 1 business day.

Samples are available in 3 types:

  • Digital 3D Rendering (artwork & box style in interactive 3D, example.)
  • Existing Samples (packaging that we already made)
  • Custom Samples** (fully custom sample according to your specificaiton)

*Subject to certain conditions and product categories. Shipping cost is not included.
*Custom sample fee will be reimbursed once full production order is placed.
*Reimbursement only applies to artwork samples that are finalized for full production.
**All online orders (Paperboard Turnkey & Digital Corrugated) are excluded from this offer.

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