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Custom Hair Packaging Boxes

There is nothing more important than the appearance of how our hair looks. It is in fact the very element that changes what people perceive of us and what we want to perceive to the public. PakFactory understands the importance of hair products which is why we specialize in creating hair extension packaging and weave packaging to enhance the value of what your products offer.

With endless options of styles, structures & printing options, we can help you design and create hair packaging according to your brand, vision & specifications. Speak to one of our product specialists to get started and see what your options are!


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Set Descending Direction

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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

When we create packaging for hair extensions, weaves, wigs, and hair equipment, the first thing we think of is how will this box elevate & enhance your brand? What would make this particular packaging help your potential customers see the value of your products? We guide our customers through these questions and provide several packaging options to achieve that.

As one of the leading hair packaging companies, we are able to provide you full guidance from initial design & consultation to completion without any hassle. We deliver not only top of the line quality packaging for your products but the convenience and a piece of mind, especially in time-sensitive project situations. Our job is to make sure you receive what you envision and provide timelines that are reasonable to your project.

How To Get Started?

You can simply contact us by phone, email or chat and provide us with your specifications including product details, box dimensions, material, coating and any additional work! One of our product specialist will be happy to guide you through your first steps.