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Luxury Chocolate Gift Boxes

Luxury Chocolate Gift Boxes

Luxurious Chocolate Boxes with Lid

Luxurious Chocolate Boxes with Lid

Ice Cream Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Get moisture proof and weather proof ice cream boxes that make sure your delicious cold treats remain fresh and tasty.
  • Our lithographic printing expertise gives your ice cream products the perfect visual impression to boost sales and brand value.
  • Choose from different sizes, thickness, colors, coatings and additional features that enhance the aesthetic value of your products.
  • Get 12 exclusive stock styles for ice cream packaging that are perfect for cones, ice cream bars, flavored ice creams, and other varieties.
  • Feel free to order as low as one box to as many as 100 or even more. There is no limit to the number of ice cream box that you can order.
Price on Request

Innovative Packaging

PakFactory is the leading manufacturer and distributor of ice cream carton boxes online for many reasons. Firstly, our boxes go through high standards in design, production, coating, print, and distribution. Easy to assemble and boasting moisture proof and weather proof capabilities, our packaging is tested to ensure top quality time and again.

As a result, our customers are able to take advantage of superior ice cream carton sizes that is surprisingly affordable. If you want a variety of packs for your top selling ice cream products, we will make sure you get the right packaging with the best printing to boost your sales.

Unique & Durable

At PakFactory, we make sure that each process from design to distribution contributes to the packaging value. Right from choosing the stock style and size to selecting coating materials, colors, and prints, we ensure that you get the best solutions to your specific needs.

We also provide additional processes like window patching, foil stamping, and perforation to make highly durable ice cream packaging. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients leverage on our expertise and experience that gives them quality packaging for their delicious cold treats time and again.

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