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Hair Product Packaging Boxes

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Tablets Packaging Boxes

Laundry Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Thick cardboard material for protecting the detergent powder from exposure to any kind of damp and moisture
  • Snap open top flap with secure glued packaging, which protects the packed powder
  • Definite box structure made with quality material ensures easy placement of detergent boxes on a variety of surfaces with no chance of spills or toppling over
  • Shiny smooth exterior of box permits easy printing of detergent details, like ingredients list, instructions for use, weight of detergent, fragrance type and other product specifications
  • Laminated external box finishing with UV coating
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Secure Box with a Sturdy Packaging Design

You need thick cardboard boxes of high quality material to preserve the quality of your detergent. Damp and moisture are enemies of laundry detergents, and if you want your product to ensure complete client satisfaction, then you need ideal packaging to make sure that the product reaches the customer untarnished.

The best packaging solution is the answer to all these troubles. If your laundry packaging boxes are made according to the right design, then no damp can spoil the product even during storage. Your packaging will also look as fresh as ever when placed on store shelves.

Protective Coverings Ensure Protection from External Factors

The laundry powder box has been varnished and finished with a laminate or treated with UV coating for protection. This way, all external elements which may tarnish the overall quality of the powder and the detergent box are prevented from having any direct impact on the detergent.

Customizing Product Packaging According To Brand Requirements

If you want your detergent box to have a packaging, which will symbolize the brand quality and product features, then place a custom order for the product packaging of your choice with Pak Factory.

You can place an order for packaging boxes in a variety of size options, and have your brand logo along with all other product details displayed at the front and sides of your packaging. You can also make your laundry packaging boxes stand out by choosing the right color and unique design option which will fast become a trademark for your brand!

Choose between a window patching design, a perforated or debossing option and an additional cut out option to make your detergent packaging different from all the others in the market.

Place an order for high quality material packaging at affordable prices with Pak Factory!