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Soup Packaging Boxes

Soup Packaging Boxes

Noodle Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Sound and industry grade packaging material to help keep the noodles in perfect shape
  • Different design and size options to accommodate all product needs
  • Ample storage space with hard cover exterior to prevent damp from seeping in
  • Smooth and glossy package exterior for printing of brand logo, ingredient details and product images
  • Durable packaging dimensions for easy shelf placement and warehouse storage
Price on Request

Packaging Options to Accommodate Product Portfolio Needs

If you plan to launch a wide selection of noodle products, then these noodle packaging boxes are an ideal choice since they are available in a wide variety of packaging options and designs. The box has a sturdy interior and a glossy exterior for the attractive display of noodle products on offer by your brand!

Easy Packing with a Damp Free Product Safety Packaging Option

The design of the noodle packaging boxes ensure easy packing of the products with no hassle and ensure a flap packing style which can easily be made air tight to preserve the quality of the food item.

The custom noodle boxes have a sturdy build which prevent the damp and any moisture from damaging or affecting the food quality packed within. The box has a thick structure, especially designed to ensure that the packing is as per the food grade packaging standards prevalent in the industry.

Design Options to Accommodate All Branding Needs

The boxes can be custom designed with an embossed, perforated or foil stamp style, and you can also include an additional cut out window patching or debossing option to make your noodle boxes unique and easily identifiable in the market!

Pak Factory offers packaging options as per industry requirements and makes sure that all packed items are preserved and stored away to be unpacked in perfect condition. So browse through what we have to offer, place an order now! Get the best price options and explore the variety of available packaging designs to meet your needs. Quality is the first priority, so just order, design and create the best packaging that would suit your products and get the packages delivered to your door!