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Custom Roll Labels

Custom Roll Labels

Roll Top Tulip Favor Boxes

Roll Top Tulip Favor Boxes

Paper Roll Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Ideal for commercial use for manufacturers of baking parchment paper, foil paper, fragrant tissue rolls, and more.
  • Commercial grade paper roll boxes that provide protection to the contents inside with durability and strength.
  • Heavy duty paper roll packaging available in different sizes, lengths, and thickness to suit the needs of your products.
  • Get completely custom prints on paper roll packaging boxes that boost brand awareness and loyalty.
Price on Request

Ready to Use

Paper rolls have a wide number of applications in homes, offices, and even in the great outdoors. Paper rolls can be used in cooking, baking, storage, cleaning, and protecting items among other uses. If you are in the business of making paper rolls, then you probably know that the right type of packaging with effective printing can make a world of difference for product sales.

At Pak Factory, we provide all types of paper roll manufacturing businesses with the best packaging for their products. Our paper roll packaging boxes go through industry leading standards in design, production, coloring, coating, and distribution. This allows our customers to have high grade packaging for paper rolls that look great and protect the innate contents.

Durable & Flexible

At Pak Factory, we ensure that our customers are able to leverage on our expertise when it comes to packaging. For paper rolls, we provide you with complete customization from the size and thickness to color, coating, and styles of paper roll boxes. We have 12 exclusive stock styles for paper roll packaging including SBS, Kraft, metallic, and corrugated to list a few.

We also provide additional services like window patching, perforation, foil stamping, and embossing to ensure that you can create a unique identity and look for your products. With effective prints, your products can create a powerful first impression that can increase sales and brand value in the long term. So order from us today and discover what makes us the leading choice for packaging online.

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