Pop Counter Display Tray

Key Features:

  • Ideal as additional marketing and packaging options.
  • Customize pop counter display tray product boxes for conventions and displays
  • Can hold a number of individual lightweight products at a time
  • Can come fully assembled for retail product loading
  • Can be customized to support specific advertising campaigns
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

If you want your products and brand to stand out in those aisles, then you need to make sure the packaging can do them justice. You can turn a browser into a buyer by packaging products in pop or point of purchase display boxes. These are time and tested boxing solutions that are designed to display, secure and sell maximum number of products they are used for. Placed ideally at or near checkout counters to maximize impulse buying, custom pop counter display tray product boxes from PakFactory can be used to support and enhance new product releases or personalized for specific advertising campaigns.

Custom pop counter display tray packaging solutions do not need to be glued to support multiple packages or products either. The boxes are shipped flat and all the retailer has to do is fold up one side panel, lock the back and the rear display panel and repeat to assemble the box. The ones at PakFactory are popularly used as suggestion boxes, key ring displays, CD displays, brochure holders and much more. The boxes may be lightweight, but they are made from heavy duty cardboard to ensure the supported items remain secure regardless of the jostling they receive.

Custom pop counter display tray packaging solutions are also known as RRP or Retail Ready Packaging that come in a range of custom designs for your needs. By that we mean that you can have your point of purchase displays personalized to reflect your brand and products in the best light possible. At PakFactory, we go the extra mile to provide packaging solutions that are as attractive as they are reliable.

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