Reverse Tuck End With Lock

Key Features:

  • Similar to the reverse tuck end
  • Comes with a locking feature to keep products sealed
  • Top closure panel offers additional reinforcement.
  • Can be customized with brand logo and colors.
  • Can be opened and closed easily
  • Our custom reverse tuck end with lock boxes are ideal for medium to lightweight products from a variety of industries
  • Product can be inserted from the top and from the bottom of the box.
  • Produces least amount of waste during die cutting.
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

The best way to make your products disappear is to place them in lackluster product boxes. To make them stand out, you need our custom reverse tuck end with lock boxes. Quite similar to our custom reverse tuck end boxes, PakFactory’s custom printed tuck end with lock boxes comprise of a lock which generates enough friction to ensure the box and its contents remain secure whether it is in transit or on the assembly line.

Also known as the tuck and tongue, this product packaging option is popularly used as high end packaging for fragile and heavy products that require gentle handling. This includes tech, beauty products, toys, perfumes and other items that need to be handled with care. The box can be glued on one side for extra reinforcement and the flaps which are located on each side are hinged.

At PakFactory, our aim is to provide our customers the best product boxes and packaging that can stand the test of time and changing trends as well. To make your custom printed tuck end with lock packaging design truly unique, we encourage you to send us your unique design ideas or brand colors and we will make your boxes stand out. In fact, we can do a lot with the look of your custom printed tuck end with lock retail boxes if you just send us your brand logo and its colors along with any product descriptions you have in mind. The result will not disappoint either you or your buyers, we guarantee.


Choose & Customize

Browse and select from our extensive library of custom boxes and packaging and customize the size, material, print, finish, additional options, and quantity. To quote, simply ‘Add to Quote’ and follow the request a quotation checkout process. Our product specialists will review your quotation and contact you within 1 - 2 business days.


Discovery & Strategy

To further understand your project, product specialists will contact you to go through your initial quotation request. Our specialists will provide expert advice based on your project needs to ensure all requirements are met during this stage. Once all requirements are finalized, a quotation will be sent to you within 1 - 2 business days.


Structural & Artwork

Once the quotation is confirmed, a dieline will be custom engineered to your specifications and sent to you for artwork to be placed. Be sure to follow our recommended artwork guidelines to mitigate any issues before moving forward. Before any orders are sent to production, our experts will professionally proof your file to only ensure correct sizing, artwork placement, color and additional options.



For all orders, we recommend to go through a prototyping & sampling process to ensure that all specifications are met before moving forward to the mass production order. At this stage, any changes can be made based on your initial prototype/sample to ensure your mass production order is to your expectations.


Production & Logistics

Once ready, your mass production order will begin. Our product specialists will keep you connected with updates throughout the production stage until your order is completed. Our logistic experts will assist you with your logistics plan for a hassle-free experience when your order is ready to ship. Just wait for your boxes to arrive on your doorstep!