Sleeve For Beverage Bottle

Key Features:

  • 12 pack sleeve with cap and heel opening
  • Products can be locked in position by 4 retainers
  • Offers a close and tight wrap
  • Designed for 12 pieces shaped like bottles
  • Ideal for food and beverages. 
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Even if the beverage your business specializes in tastes amazing, it won’t fly off those shelves unless it is packaged in a shopper friendly manner. At PakFactory we took this need into account when we created our sleeves for beverage bottles box packaging design. The 12 pack sleeve comes with a cap and heel that is designed for 12 products that can be either bottles, or shaped like them.

Grip has also been taken into account. After all, if you want to ensure your buyers can get to that cash register without the bottles slipping out, then you need strong packaging solutions. The custom size sleeve for beverage bottles or box locks in bottles with the aid of 4 retainers and the side panel wraps them in securely thus making the products slip free. The custom sleeve for beverage bottles printed product boxes only need a straight single line of adhesive to remain shut in transit and delivery. This makes it quite ideal for delicate bottles such as beer, juice and wine bottles.

Like all of our packaging solutions, PakFactory’s custom sleeves for beverage bottles retail packages are also made from the finest and durable materials. These can serve as sturdy packaging solutions for wineries and breweries and the comfortable grip will ensure the bottles remain safe during deliveries as well. At PakFactory, we give our clients complete freedom when it comes to branding and design. Our highly customizable packaging solutions can make your bottles stand out in retail shelves and promote your brand at the same time. So, if you are in search of simple, stylish, brand worthy custom sleeves for beverage bottles cardboard packaging, then PakFactory will not disappoint.

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