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Slipcase Rigid Boxes

Slipcases from PakFactory are made from rigid cardboard and feature a case that can slide in and out easily. Also known as detachable slipcases, these rectangular boxes will not collapse on impact and each comes with a ribbon pull for easy access to the installed sliding tray. This is what makes this boxing solution so unique and why it is preferred by those who prefer attractive and quirky packaging solutions. The top lid can be lifted easily off the base tray making slipcases ideal display cases.


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Robust Slipcases from Pak Factory

Also known as slipcases or sliding cases, this is a sliding paper box that is one of the more popular detachable boxes in Pak Factory’s rigid boxes. Made from strong cardboard, a custom slipcase comprises of an outer cover or sleeves along with an inner tray that can be slipped in and out with ease. Inserts are present inside to prevent products from getting damaged and to keep them secure inside the case.

Perfect for a number of fragile products

We can also add a ribbon pull to the slipcase that will be attached on the tray to make it come out easily. This feature is important in a detachable slipcase that is used to package books, software, cosmetics and delicate electronics.

Nothing is more disappointing then struggling with stubborn packaging only to see it fall apart and the product within ruined. That is not an issue with Pak Factory’s custom slipcases. Besides being available in a range of colors, sizes and designs, the finish will be done professionally to make each box look perfect. All you have to do is choose the custom requirements you need and we will do the rest.

Unmatched Quality and Design

Custom slipcases are typically used to keep book bindings from getting ruined and to protect delicate items from damage and the elements. This style has also become quite popular with manufacturers who sell perfumes in delicate glass bottles. That’s because the inner lining can be cushioned to nestle the products within and keep them from getting jostled.

You can also choose the material you want lining the interior of the slipcase and order as many as you need for your requirements. Our designers can also make your boxes brand centric by incorporating your preferred colors and designs. Since the box is detachable, you can also take apart detachable products and place the parts on separate moulds inside the box.