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Standard Green Tea Box

Standard Green Tea Box

Sugar Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Perfect for sugar, coffee, nuts, tea and other items for long-term storage.
  • A vast array of design options offers a visual experience to the user.
  • Our highly specialized packaging methods ensure the sugar stays fresh and healthy.
  • Boxes provide some measure of product protection and can be used to shipping as well.
  • Made from harder material to keep out unwanted liquids.
Price on Request

Sugar Packaging Made Easy

Sugar packaging has come a long way from being stored in large barrels. Today you can purchase custom sugar packaging boxes at wholesale rates. The best part is, you get to choose from a vast array of custom designs that help your product stand out from the others on store shelves. Custom sugar packaging boxes is also a winner in the seniority game since moms and dads would expect to buy their sugar in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags or pouch bags.

Protection from Contamination

For a manufacturer, keeping their products safe for the long haul is of utmost importance. No one understands that better than us at Pak Factory, which is the reason why our sugar packaging boxes are made from the best quality material which is not only hygienic for storage, but also keeps the sugar fresh and safe from contamination, making our packaging the best for long-term storage.

Customized Sugar Boxes

It is extremely easy to customize artwork on boxes than on pouches, which is also one of the reasons why most people prefer to go for boxes when it comes to sugar packaging. The boxes that we offer at Pak Factory has a large front and back area where you can include your company’s logo and artwork of the product to help it stand out from your competitors with ease. With many customization options available, our clients get to make their sugar boxes look unique to increase product recognition and promote brand building. With the help of our customized sugar boxes your brand will be able to gain recognition in no time.

We understand the importance of packaging when it comes to everyday items such as sugar, which is why we offer our clients with only the best packaging options that ensure profitability. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Pak Factory today and find out more about the options that are available for you.