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Partial Cover and Tray with Spot UV

Partial Cover and Tray with Spot UV

Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Swimming Cap Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Made from paperboard to keep swim caps sealed within
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Feature reverse tuck in with a top closure which tucks back from the rear
  • Has an extra tuck-in in the middle for added reinforcement.
  • Can be used for packaging in a number of industries such as for swimming caps, beauty products, electronics etc.
Price on Request

Damage Proof Design

Swimming caps may be made from strong rubber but that is not enough to keep it free from rips and damage on store shelves. That is why Pak Factory’s swimming cap packaging boxes are made from durable and perforation proof paperboard which features a reverse tuck in with top and bottom closure from the rear. An extra tuck-in in the middle ensures the package remains completely sealed.

The printed swimming cap packaging boxes boast a geometric design that can accommodate the malleable swim caps without damaging them. This is also why these packaging solutions are popular in other industries as well and are used to package beauty products, electronics, tech etc.

Made to make an Impact

We encourage brand or business owners to opt for our customized swimming cap packaging boxes for their stores. We can add your brand message, product description, design, graphics and any color scheme you wish using a range of technologies at our disposal.

These include adding special window displays on the boxes revealing the swim cap to browsing customers, incorporating metallic cardboard to make the packaging shine, using CMYK off-printing on the front and back and other options. Basically, there is almost no limit to what we can do to make your swimming cap packaging boxes stand out on store shelves and make an unforgettable impact on target buyers. We are more than happy to discuss them at length with you.

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