Tablet / Ipad Screen Protector Packaging Hanger

Key Features:

  • Special tuck in packaging solution for tablets and iPads
  • Keeps fragile screens safe from scratches and damage in general
  • Classic packaging solution for maximum exposure
  • Can be customized according to brand and product design
  • Comes with euro cut die hole so that it can be hanged easily
  • Use the boxes as storage solutions after unboxing to keep tablets safe from damage
Price on Request

Custom Packaging for Delicate Electronics

When it comes to shipping fragile electronics, it is extremely important to ensure you choose the sturdiest and highest quality ones available. This is where Pak Factory’s customized Tablet / iPad Screen Protector Packaging Hanger can help you. Made with durable paperboard that can accommodate any design, color scheme and content, our packaging solutions will market your brand passively for you.

Since electronics can get damaged on overcrowded shelves, we made our screen protector packaging hanger for tablet/ipad to occupy as less space as possible. The euro cut die hole on the top of the inserts can be slipped on hooks and depending on the length of the hook, you can add as many iPads or tablets as possible and increase sales.

Compact Yet Convenient

The tablet / ipad screen protector packaging hanger can be opened from the top and from the bottom and tablets/iPads can be slipped inside with ease. The tuck end closures ensure that the electronics do not slip out when they are hung on display for buyers who can re-use the boxes to store their iPads or tablets.

You can also choose custom graphic options, get additional windows etc to increase brand loyalty and exposure. We will be more than happy to advise you on possible solutions as well.

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