Tablets Packaging Boxes

Key Features

  • Large enough to fit dishwasher tablets without rupturing
  • Made from strong and durable material
  • Can be opened from both ends for easy packaging
  • Can be compressed into a flat shape for easy storage
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Featuring straight tuck ends that seals tablets tightly in the box
Price on Request

Custom retail tablets packaging boxes fresh from Pak Factory

Dishwasher tablets are a great way to ensure dirty dishes come out squeaky clean from a dishwasher, but they won’t merit a second glance if they are damaged or disappear on shelves. This is where retail tablets packaging boxes from Pak Factory can help you. Made from durable materials which are as versatile as they are flexible, our tablets packaging boxes can be made to order.

Easy storage

Like all of our packaging solutions, our custom printed tablets packaging boxes are shipped flat to ensure our clients don’t have to pay a large shipping fee. Assembling them is quite easy as well and takes seconds to do. Featuring a sealed tuck end design, the flaps are quite easy to insert into the box and will not slip out even if the box is shaken vigorously.

Completely Customizable

Like all prominent brand owners, we are sure that you would also like to ensure your tablets remain front and centre for your target customers. A lackluster design will not only compromise the visibility of your products, but it will also not remain memorable for those who purchase it. Pak Factory has a solution that will ensure that does not happen with your brand. Printed tablets packaging boxes featuring your brand logo, colors, message and design will ensure that your tablets remain prominent on crowded shelves and remain memorable at the same time.

So if you are ready to take your tablet packaging box design to a whole different level and attract more customers, call us at (enter number) and we will accommodate you.

Our Ordering Process

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Customize your packaging

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