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Terms of Service

Customer Agreement

I have ensured that spelling, syntax, and grammar are all correct, as well as any other accompanying content. I have approved and am satisfied with the document layout. I agree and understand that my documents will print as they appear, and I cannot make any modifications once my order has been accepted and placed. I assume all responsibilities for possible errors done on my behalf. By completing my order to PakFactory, I agree to the terms of service and conditions outlined below.

PakFactory Terms of Service

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please thoroughly read the terms and conditions carefully. By willingly accessing this website, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions stated below. PaKFactory reserves all the rights to change, amend, or modify these terms without any given notice.

1. Order approval

The customer will be fully responsible for the final run and layout prior to the manufacturing process. PakFactory is not responsible for errors in the completed project caused by any of the following reasons: misspelling, graphic errors, bleeds, syntax errors, damage fonts, error in cuts, incorrect/missing folds, and finished product size.

2. Copyright

All materials, graphic or otherwise, used on PakFactory and in orders is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved worldwide. PakFactory prohibits the use, redistribution, or republishing of any material and software contained on the PakFactory website, or the copyrighted properties of parties from whom PakFactory has licensed property. The customer cannot reproduce any trademarks, service marks, or logos that are not owned by law within a copyright by the customer. The customer cannot use unlicensed copyrighted materials from photographers, artists, publishers, composers, writers, and other creators of original work. Furthermore, under PakFactory guidelines, the customer cannot use explicit language and/or pornography on printed materials.

3. Customer Content

All info, files, text, and data offered by the customer are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer agrees to comply with all rules regarding online conduct. The customer agrees to not abuse PakFactory services to use send, post, or in any other manner transmit any content that contains: 1. child pornography, or other indecent and obscene depictions; 2. threats to contain, kidnap, or injure a person or a person's personal property, tarnish the reputation of another person, threaten a person with accusations of crime, or a threat of blackmail; 3. any content advocating or threatening treason, insurrection, or forcible resistance of any Canadian or United States law; 4. absolutely no defamatory comments directed directly or indirectly as any person or company; 5. no content that infringes intellectual property rights or other rights of PakFactory or any third party, PakFactory does not control content by customers and does not fully guarantee accuracy, or integrity of the quality of the content. PakFactory is not responsible for content you have been exposed to that you may find offensive, obscene, or indecent. Products and services are provided for personal use only. You therefore agree to abide by these terms of service and agree to not use services and product for any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, or any other form of indecent solicitation. You hereby agree that you are responsible for the protection of your password and controlling access to your register PakFactory account.

4. Limitation of Liability

Under no situation will PakFactory or it’s approved affiliates be responsible for the consequential damages of any kind, or damages resulting from loss, use, data, or profits. Damages arising due to mistake, omission, virus, delay, or interrupted service, are not under the responsibility of PakFactory.

5. Indemnity

The customer agrees to defend PakFactory and all associated affiliates against claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses. This includes reasonable legal fees and expenses arising out of or related to: 1. your breach of these terms of services; 2. any suit, claim or demand, arising from any content you incorporated into your product orders.

6. Artworks and Graphics

All content and graphics provided by the customer must be in CMYK format. PakFactory is not responsible for any colour discrepancies occurring when converting RBG to CMYK colour modes. Artwork but be provided in minimum 300 DPI and CYMK colour modes. Images printed as fuzzy, pixelated, or distorted due to fault of the customers are not the responsibility of PakFactory. Artwork exceeding 30MB may be subject to additional charges.

7. Colour match and Proofing

While PakFactory tries to match the gradient density of all colours, we are not responsible for the final appearance of colour. Appliance of coating may effect or change the appearance of colour. PaKFactory bears no responsibility for the final colour appearance of UC products.

8. Order Cancellation

orders may be eligible for cancellation upon request done via email no later than 8 hours after the order of production, and applicable cancellation fees may apply.

9. Refunds/Returns

All orders are unique and have no resale aesthetic, as such, all sales are final. If we find the an error made on part of PakFactory, we will reproduce the order. No refunds or credit. Notifications of error must be made within 5 business days of order acceptance. Customer must return 100% of the product within 15 days (at their own expense) to be eligible for replacement. Expedite related charges are non-refundable.

10. Shipping/Delivery

All turnaround times are estimates. PakFactory promises the use of reasonable efforts to prevent delays. However, in no event shall PakFactory be responsible for any damages resulting from delay. PakFactory is not responsible for delays caused by weather conditions, shipping company issues, or international customs circumstances. If delays is caused by malfunctioning or technical issues in the printing process, rush charges will be refunded. Technical difficulty is not grounds for cancellation.

11. Incorrect Shipping Address

In the event of a returned package due to an error in the shipping address made by the customer, PakFactory will ship the package to the corrected address for an additional charge.

12. Credit Charges

Any order exceeding $2000 may require the authorization and copy of credit card and identification. PakFactory has the right to refuse service without disclosing a reason.

13. Colour Matching

A reasonable amount in colour variation between proofs and completed project is expected and is unavoidable. PakFactory makes a reasonable attempt to reproduce colours based on representation, however, PAkFactory is not responsible for exact colour matching.

14. Over/Under Runs

An accepted delivery is consider a run where overruns and underruns do not exceed 10% of the quantity ordered.

15. Payment and Customer Information

PakFactory does not store, record, keep, or retain any credit card information on its’ servers. PakFactory will record and hold information pertaining to jobs orders; docket number paper type, quantity, finishing, file, and shipping information.