Tissue Packaging Boxes

Key Features

  • Durable boxes available in a variety of dimension and capacity options
  • Easy tear open flap at the top of the box with delicate plastic lamination on the sides for a sophisticated look and to avoid damage to the tissue surface while pulling them out
  • Box designs secure tissue quality and are easy to store away and present on store shelves
  • Pleasing tissue box shapes and designs for use in offices, homes, parties and different formal and informal events
  • Simple flap close design for easy packing of tissues in the box
Price on Request

Durable Box Material for Preserving Superior Tissue Product Quality

The boxes are designed to present a delicate charming appearance but are very durable in structure. The interior of the tissue packaging boxes have been designed to properly preserve the quality, luxury feel, delicate feel, and fragrance of the packed tissues in the box.

The exterior of the box has been designed to present a glossy shiny look, which emanates a classic, fresh and clean feel, which is exactly what quality tissues are all about!

Custom Design Options for Brand Promotion

Do you want your tissue brand to stand out from all the rest? Then why not choose custom design options, which will lend a personalized look and feel to your brand offering? Choose a design, which gives center stage to the brand logo, and presents your brand qualities like sanitized and deluxe quality tissues with a clean feel through the unique packaging style!

Pak Factory offers different design options of debossing and perforation, along with additional cut out styles, to make your custom tissue packaging boxes stand out in the aisle.

Chance to Design Tissue Boxes as Per Party or Event Themes!

Are you planning a major event and want everything to be as per a decided theme? Well, your tissue boxes can also follow the lead, and be the exact style and design to complement the look and feel you want! How great is that? Now you can go the extra mile and add more value to your party by making literally everything as per the theme, with the themed tissue paper packaging boxes. Now that is attention to detail!

If you want stylish and high quality tissue packaging boxes, explore the options Pak Factory has to offer! Enjoy affordable solutions with promised high quality.

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