Occasion Station is rethinking how busy individuals give gifts to people they care about. They are an online personal gift shopping service that is committed to putting the joy back into gift-giving. The company invested in branding and digital marketing in 2017, and the same year, it successfully launched its web platform and services.

Now, with members signing up every day and its growing corporate account line of business, Occasion Station is successfully relieving the burden of gift shopping and remembering special occasions for its growing member base.

The unboxing of a custom gift box by Occasion Station.

The Challenge

Occasion Station had always faced the challenge of responsiveness from packaging manufacturers. They had reached out to several vendors and were taken aback by the many who would not respond with information or quotes in a timely fashion.

Not only were they looking for a responsive vendor, but the vendor would also need to understand that the boxes were an essential element to the brand strategy of Occasion Station as well.

PakFactory was responsive and worked with the design team to get the project handled.

The components of the custom gift package by Occasion Station.
photo: pakfactory

Without a relationship to any local box printers, we were stuck looking online to find a company capable of printing the boxes we envisioned having for the company.

felix odigie, ceo

The Solution

With the help of Hot Dog Marketing producing the graphics and brand for Occasion Station, the result was a corrugated mailer digitally printed to allow for interior and exterior graphics.

The choice of the corrugated mailer was designed for a more sturdy structure during transit. The box featured a Tab Lock Roll End design to maintain the structural integrity, and most importantly, to secure the contents on the inside.

We think the boxes we received from PakFactory make a statement and helps us make that all-important first impression with the members and those who receive gifts from the members.

felix odigie, ceo

The Result

While Occasion Station was fulfilling its customers’ gift-giving needs, PakFactory was meeting Occasion Station’s packaging needs. After revamping their packaging design and improving the box structure, Occasion Station had received outstanding feedback on the upgraded structure of the boxes.

A top down view of Occasion Station's custom gift packaging.

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