The idea for a “temple box” was inspired by Raw Magic Chocolate’s desire to have a retail shelf display box that portrayed the way they felt about their chocolate.

Their custom-built certified food manufacturing facility, also known as their “Temple-Kitchen,” is where they make all of their chocolates. They felt that, when eating their chocolates, it was a way of communion with the “Holy Temple” of our bodies.

The Challenge

Raw Magic Chocolate knew they had a great product, but it wasn’t getting the attention it deserved on retail shelves.

They wanted to be able to tell people in an instant, just how excellent their super-nutritious chocolate, really was. A re-design was necessary for their packaging to make their chocolate bars stand-out on the shelves.

Andrew “Dragon” Da Silva designed the details “brick-by-brick” on Illustrator, as he does for all of Raw Magic Chocolate’s branding logos & packaging graphics. He now needed a packaging agency that would custom make these works of Art to his standards.

One of PakFactory’s packaging specialists instantly knew what was required and coordinated with Raw Magic Chocolate to put together the structural design for the packaging.

Custom chocolate packaging by Raw Magic.
photo: pakfactory

PakFactory was always easy to work with; they were (and continue to be) accessible, professional, creative and helpful. We loved our first prototype and had our full first order delivered promptly.

danu da silva, co-parent

The Solution

Raw Magic Chocolate needed to work closely with PakFactory to figure out how to make the scores and cuts correctly. Another challenge was to find the right paper-weight for easy assembly. For the retailers, it had to be easy to convert into a display, while for the customers, they needed access to the contents quickly without damaging the boxes.

The final specifications resulted in a custom structural dieline made by PakFactory’s design team to create the castle/dark tones of the brand to match the artwork.

The packaging functioned in two ways, a display for trade shows & retail as well as a box to store the chocolate products.

24 PT Paperboard material was used and also coated with Gloss Lamination and printed on Offset. This combination elevated the artwork perfectly.

A side view of the custom chocolate packaging by Raw Magic.
photo: pakfactory

PakFactory was a large part of our biggest achievement as a company: our re-branding in July, 2015

Danu Da Silva, Founder

The Results

Since the re-branding, the business has continued to double in sales every year.

The packaging is now more vibrant, colorful, beautiful, and also vertical, making it compact for retail space.

More and more retailers are reaching out, and the packaging is starting to acquire iconic branding, dubbing Raw Magic Chocolate as the company with the “castle boxes” in their community.

The custom chocolate box for Raw Magic chocolate.
photo: pakfactory

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