How We Built Customer Loyalty With Our Retention Box

The team at PakFactory wants to say thanks to each one of you for opening your mind to the endless packaging possibilities with us! To show our appreciation, we put together a retention box delivered right to the doorsteps of our loyal customers.

We enjoy sharing customer stories and showcasing the beautiful boxes we’ve created. This time around, we are highlighting a box that we created for our brand!

We Owe It To Our Customers

Our team created a retention box to be delivered to the doorsteps of our loyal customers. It’s our way of showing our appreciation.

Custom retention box for PakFactory's loyal customers.
photo: pakfactory

The Structure

The box style is a double-wall side tray with a hinged lid. We used a 24PT paperboard for quality and durability to ensure that the retention box stays intact during the delivery process.

It was produced with offset printing in full-color CMYK on the exterior and interior with matte lamination coating.

The Design

The exterior of the box is bright and bold. With the use of an accent color and foil stamping, it emphasizes our message across the top of the box; your business means the world to us.

For the interior of the box, we wanted to create an unboxing experience that allowed our customers to feel valued and know they’re in great hands. It was our chance to emphasize our brand values and why 1000+ businesses trust our expertise!

The entire PakFactory team is thankful for every customer, but why not have each product specialist personally deliver the message? They worked with each customer from start to finish, so it only makes sense to continue building the customer relationship above and beyond. We included slits for business card placement on the inside flap of the box to personalize the unboxing experience.

Since we always emphasize the endless packaging possibilities that we are capable of, it doesn’t stop there. We also used UV spot processes on the isometric icons around the inside of the box. All the little details work to increase the quality and brand value.

A view of the inside corner of custom retention boxes by PakFactory.
photo: pakfactory

Let’s Bring Your Ideas to Life

If you have an idea, we’d love to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

No matter how big or small they may be, PakFactory can help you reach your packaging goals. Speak to one of our product specialists today to find out how!

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