đź’ˇScale your business by learning about how to use attraction marketing

All successful businesses know that the best customer is the one that comes looking for your product or service. 

They’re already familiar with their needs, and your product or service is there to fulfill them. 

But what’s not really discussed is how to solidify their decision to purchase.

What can you do to help them gravitate toward your product or service? 

How can you showcase that your product or service is the right fit? 

Example of purchasing products
Source: PakFactory

That’s where attraction marketing can make a huge difference. 

While a lot of marketing strategies use a more traditional sales approach, attraction marketing is much more subtle and builds a stronger bond with your customer base. 

That’s what makes attraction marketing so successful.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing showcases how desirable you product is without demanding that your customer purchases it. 

This can be done a variety of ways including: 

  • Personal experiences
  • Customer testimonials 

These strategies help build a stronger emotional connection with potential customers and allows you to showcase your competitive edge in a subtle way. 

The most notable example of attraction marketing are free samples in a grocery store. 

By offering a free sample, brands are not telling you to purchase the product directly, but hope that you will if you liked it. 

The food and restaurant industry are always using physical forms of attraction marketing to showcase their products and get customers to choose their products over others.

Example of food samples
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Attraction marketing through online platforms works in a similar way, but rather than offering a physical product, they offer free high quality content without the expectation that you’ll hand over your money. 

Sharing knowledge and how your products have improved the life of you and your customers holds a ton of power in building a strong brand reputation with credible content. 

Take MOZ for example. Moz offers SEO services and executes their attraction marketing by offering free SEO software under Moz Pro Free so that you can take their service for a test ride. 

It’s just like a free sample that will get customers to pay for the full software if they like it. 

The Benefits of Attraction Marketing

As seen above, attraction marketing strategies can differ depending on the industry you operate in. 

However, the overall benefits always remain the same:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase traffic
  • Promote customer retention
  • Promote engagement
  • Generates loyal customers

 81% of consumers say they need to trust a brand before making a purchasing decision.

At the end of the day, building a strong brand presence and relationship with customers requires a great deal of trust. 

Giving potential customers a taste of what your brand has to offer builds trust with them right from the start, increasing the chances of gaining a loyal customer and gaining positive attention to build a stronger brand presence. 

5 Steps to Attraction Marketing 

Selecting the Right Marketing Platform

Choosing the right platform for your products and services is essential in seeing successful results from attraction marketing. 

If you are a restaurant or food brand, your ideal platform will likely be a physical one. 

example of food samples
Source: PakFactory

Source: PakFactory (Excerpt: example of food samples)

You could offer samples of your products in grocery stores, outside of your restaurant or at events related to your industry and brand.  

If you are an ecommerce business you will likely start attraction marketing through online platforms such as social media, websites and blogs. 

SEO will become a large part of your strategy in order to ensure your free insights are visible and accessible by your target market.

Define the Personas

Define your target market by building the persona of your ideal customer. 

Identify the demographics of your target audience and outline their interests and backgrounds to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. 

Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes will help you identify gaps in the market and how best to  approach attraction marketing for your industry. 

Follow these quick steps to build an accurate buyer persona: 

  1. Identify your persona’s goals, needs, and wants by conducting interviews. 
  2. Identify the pain points of your customers. Provide a solution to their pain points. 
  3. Organize the information gathered into a buyer persona template.  

Be Relatable 

Any content you post regarding your product or service should be conversational. 

Customers like to feel like they are building authentic relationships with the brands they purchase from. 

Your content should be easy to read and understand. 

Using a conversational tone is more personable, relatable and often more clear. 

With so much noise online using jargon words, it’s refreshing to read something that flows the way you speak and builds a stronger relationship with customers. 

Showcase your Products and Services

Provide the answers to questions before your customers even have time to think of them. 

Take the time to explain the features and perks  of your products and make sure to mention: 

  • Product name
  • Links to important web pages
  • Address the pain points
  • The brand story

Customers like to know the deeper meaning of brands they purchase from. 

Everyone likes a good story, that’s why showcasing your brand story will be vital in building that trust and excitement for your products and services. 

A great way to showcase your brand is through custom printed packaging that holds your branding, logo, product name and brand name to stay in good sentiments with your customers.

example of custom printed packaging
Source: PakFactory

Share details about the concept of your brand, how you started and how you plan to improve to generate more engaged customers. 

Be Relevant

There is so much noise on shelves and online. 

That’s why it’s important to really target your attraction marketing  efforts to the clientele you are serving. 

Provide insights and products of value to stand out of the crowd. 

Adding customized packaging to hold your samples also enhances the overall experience that your brand is trying to deliver. 

Not only are you delivering a taste of what your brand has to offer but you are also delivering a taste of the unboxing experience your brand is capable of offering.

You can also use promotional inserts to offer potential customers perks and valuable insights online as well,connecting with customers on multiple levels and platforms. 

example of promotional inserts
Source: PakFactory

Any content you provide both online and offline needs to be extremely relevant to your target in order to be successful.

Keep up to date with trends in your industry to ensure you are consistently delivering a relatable  experience.

Attraction marketing is a powerful yet subtle way to showcase your brand and gain more loyal customers. 

It has become an essential component of marketing as a whole and has the potential to really scale your business. 

To bring your brand to life, there are many components that need to be considered. Everything from the experience to the packaging feeds into how successful attraction marketing strategies can be.