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Artwork Guide for Digital Print Corrugated Boxes


If your artwork files do not meet our specifications, PakFactory is not responsible for any printing errors that can arise as a result. Please follow this guide carefully to prepare your artwork files.


All dieline layers and inks must be specified as SPOT COLORS and titled with “cut” and “crease.” Any artwork element with SPOT COLORS will not print. However, if a dieline is built with CMYK it will print on your project.

File Format:

PakFactory accepts Illustrator AI, EPS and PDF files. It is best to use a vector-based software application such as Adobe Illustrator for building art files, and preferably saving & exporting your native file in PDF format before uploading to PakFactory. If any other file is sent to PakFactory that is not Illustrator AI, EPS or PDF, your order will not be processed and you will be subject to additional charges if you require our assistance to help convert your file to the required file format.

Placed Images:

All images should be embedded into your illustrator or PDF. Make sure placed images have the correct file extensions: ".tiff, .eps, .jpg, .jpeg" at the end (e.g.,"Image.tiff" or "Image.eps"). Include only the page layout documents and the supporting files required for your project.


Place graphics at 100%. Any graphics placed less than 100% takes longer to output and may require additional pre-press time. Placed images and artwork should be set in CMYK color space, and any PMS colors should be converted to CMYK (NOTE: only about 30% of PMS colors convert well to CMYK which may result in inaccurate color). Pantone and spot colors are not supported for digital print boxes.

Rich Blacks:

If your artwork includes any black colors, we recommend to set your black as a "rich black". Rich black comprises of the following CMYK values: 30% Cyan (C), 30% Magenta (M), 30% Yellow (Y), and 100% Black (K).


All embed images should have at least a 300 DPI resolution. Any image with less than 300 DPI resolution will result lower definition printing.

Typography and Font Sizes:

All type should be outlined in your final artwork file. Fonts below 10 point may not print legibly, especially if a font is thin (or features of a font are thin, like serifs or cross bars). When reversing type, use one weight heavier than the weight you intended to use. Avoid specifying small trademark and register mark symbols to print in reverse, as they may fill in when printed.


Minimum of 0.125 inches from all edges and glue flaps.


UPC-A type barcodes need to be at least 150% size (approx 2.2 inches wide) in order to scan properly. The height of the bars is not as much of a concern, but we recommend them to be at least 0.5 inches tall.


Margins, rule outlines, or copy that does not bleed needs to be no less than 0.125 inches away from any cut line or crease line.

When designing your artwork, please follow these rules:

  • No dimension or orientation changes of our dieline templates.
  • Dieline templates and your artwork must be in separated and named properly in layers.
  • Do not flatten the dieline template.
  • Additional options, like foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, etc., must be in separate layers with proper layer naming.
  • Have at least a minimum of 0.125 inch gap between any artwork and the cut/crease line unless it is intentional.
  • All fonts must be outlined.
  • All images must be in CMYK mode and properly embedded.

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