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Guide to Preparing Files for Print

If your graphics and art chosen for your custom boxes do not meet our specifications, there is a heightened chance for delays and additional fees. Use the helpful PakFactory guide for preparing files for output and avoid unnecessary conflict today!

Recommended File Formats

Print-ready PDF is the most ideal file format for printing. The “print ready” portion means that your file needs no manipulation and can be put straight through to printing. Ensure that your Print Ready PDF is sent in high-resolution.

Accepted File Formats

Adobe Illustrator: AI, EPS, PDF

Unacceptable File Formats

CorelDRAW, Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel, GIF, WMF


Your selected files should be between 100 DPI and 300 DPI, because they will be outputted on a large format printer. DO NOT use low quality and low resolution images, such as screenshots.

Here are a few steps to take to ensure successful layouts:

  • Double check and verify dimensions/orientation of your graphics.
  • Utilize templates when ordering standard items and boxes.
  • Ensure that additional cut outs and stitching are not obstructing your graphics.
  • Ensure there is room for a ¼” to ½” bleed.
  • Create all graphic files in CMYK mode.
  • Provide requested fonts.
  • Provide all requested artwork.

Colour Matching

You have the option of adding a colour proof for an additional charge. If one has not been requested, we will print all files directly as provided. If this is the case, all colour discrepancies will be the fault of the customer.

Submitting Artwork

Make sure to compress all files into a .ZIP file. If this file is less than 10MB in size, you can simply email us your artwork at If the file is greater than 10MB, you can upload to our FTP site, or utilize a web based upload service. Examples of these include Wetransfer.