From working in various coffee shops to dreaming about having a voice within the coffee community of Charlotte, Hex Coffee has flourished in only two years with their goal to provide the best quality brew and create a community of roasters worldwide.

The Challenge

Hex Coffee has become one of Charlotte’s best coffee roasters with its premium line of products and excellent customer service. Now that their coffee beans were ready to be sold, they required a box that would create a tactile response and reinforce their specialty brand.

They believed that customer experience and the quality of the roast are the main pillars of creating a pleasant coffee community. Hex Coffee needed a package that captured the value of these two elements and one that conveyed the passion of the brand.

The weight, structure, and overall feel of the packaging should exert flexibility, elegance, and class while keeping the budget to a minimum. For this, Hex Coffee used, PakFactory’s Folding Carton.

Finding the right package for your product can be extremely difficult and nerving, but working with Pakfactory I knew that the package would be coming out absolutely perfect.

Tanner Morita, Co-Founder

The Solution

Hex Coffee decided to work with PakFactory for its endless custom options and tailored service. By working with PakFactory, they were able to utilize the expertise of the team entirely.

From putting together the dimensions, appropriate coating, and structural design, every step of the box was meticulously crafted to align with the Hex Coffee brand.

The box was created with an 18PT SBS Paperboard with an auto bottom structure, ensuring both flexibility and durability for the coffee beans.

Offset lithographic printing, and Aqueous coating was also used to produce top quality output for the artwork designed by Dan Romanoski and Corey Pruitt to convey its elegance and help elevate the minimal design.

Top-down view of custom coffee packaging from Hex Coffee.
Photo: pakfactory

The first experience that people have with our brand is often the packaging, and because of that, we’ve been able to have our coffees served all over the world.

Tanner Morita, Co-Founder

The Results

By working with PakFactory’s team, Hex Coffee was able to produce a packaging that instantly captured the attention of the coffee community. The packaging was featured on the largest online coffee community, Sprudge, spreading the brand across 100,000+ subscribers.

Also, Hex Coffee was able to limit costs by taking advantage of PakFactory’s recommendations on structure, finishing, and shipping. This allowed them to put more resources in improving their coffee bar and utilize their best quality products to solidify their relationship with the community.

Head-on view of custom coffee packaging from Hex Coffee.
photo: pakfactory

From making sure that the design was laid out perfectly, to figuring out all of the specifications needed and providing me the best price available, working with the Pakfactory crew is like having a team of professions working for you.

Tanner Morita, Co-Founder

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