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Custom Printed Paper Food Buckets

Key Features

  • Structural Design Feature: Paperboard Lid
  • Food Safe
  • Will Retain Heat
  • Available in 100% Compostable Kraft Paperboard Material
  • 100% Customizable in Size, Graphics, Typography & Design.
Price on Request

Product Introduction

Add some flair to your take-out service with these 100% customizable Printed Paper Food Buckets. This product is a simple two-piece concept with a Paperboard Lid design feature for easy access, insulation and optimal product presentation.

Note: The materials available for this product are all Food Safe and guarantee high quality and durability for all your packaging needs.

Material and Coating information :

This product is available in Paperboard materials and coatings are used to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. Keep in mind; some materials do not contain toxic chemicals and therefore do not require a coating to be deemed as food-safe.
Wax Coatings can be added upon request to avoid leaking and grease markings on your material options.

Material and Coating information :

Paperboard (Folding Carton)
This material is offered in two variations. Kraft; Raw Paperboard or White; Bleached Paperboard.
Paperboard, in both variations, is the most versatile in high quality printing and finishing capabilities for your artwork designs. With this product’s structural design features and endless artwork design opportunities, your brand will exceed customers’ expectations.
Kraft paperboard will offer no food-safe coating options as there are no toxic chemicals used in it’s production that could harm your customers. However, it is recommended to add a wax coating to prevent leaking and grease markings.
White Paperboard offers and recommends Food-safe PE lamination coating as toxic chemicals are used in the production of White Paperboard that could potentially harm your customers.