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Custom Cardboard POP Displays & Stands

If you own a retail store or a brand, you can understand how important POP display stands are for presenting your products and services. Your custom cardboard displays should be attractive enough to capture the interest of your customers and also be designed in a way that gives you maximum retail space. At Pakfactory, we offer a full range of solutions to all of your cardboard product display needs!


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We, at Pak Factory, offer you innovative and unique POP display designs!

However, cardboard counter displays are not always an easy find. Many businesses simply settle for poorly designed POP displays that may not captivate your customers, resulting in loss of sales and profits. We, at PakFactory, can provide you customizable cardboard pop display boxes to suit your needs and lend you the best marketing support for the following reasons.

Innovative POP display designs

We are dedicated to bringing you a number of innovative and captivating cardboard POP display solutions. Using our creating thinking, we can help you place and market your products and services in retail stores in unique ways to grab the attention of your customers. We employ a range of graphics and color variations to create marketing displays that will help your brand stand apart from the rest of your competition.

Our experienced design team can ensure your products are perceived in the most positive manner by your target audience, resulting in more impulse buying decisions. With our experience in the industry, we can cater to a number of businesses such as books, restaurants, supermarkets, electronic items outlets, clothing stores, and more.

If you are a business that regularly conducts different marketing campaigns, put your trust in us and we can provide you the marketing expertise you need.

Superior quality

We use the best quality materials for making counter displays. We ensure that our cardboard POP display boxes are highly durable and are able to withstand the common wear and tear that occurs with other promotional materials over time. We also ensure that the POP display designs can easily exhibit your product or service offering and your brand logo and details.

Also, it can be fairly frustrating when your retail counter displays’ cardboard material is too lightweight and the wind blows it away. This is why, we offer you pop displays made from wind resistant materials, giving customers a strong impression of your brand and store outlet.

No set-up costs

The lack of set-up costs makes our services highly rewarding for any business. We do have limits for minimum orders and give you flexibility and affordable rates to market your brands in any retail environment.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to get started on your marketing makeover with our countless POP display box designs!