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Gravure Print

Popular for its print quality and time efficiency, gravure printing is used for applications in paper and plastic packaging. Ideal for printing large volume orders, gravure is notably quicker than many other printing methods available today.

  • Time efficient
  • High quality printing output
  • Ideal for printing on films such as polyester, OPP, nylon, and PE
  • Overview

    Gravure printing or rotogravure is a printing process that uses rotary printing to create a continuous tone image. Large copper cylinders are engraved with designs at different depths that determine the color intensity when transferred onto substrates. This printing process uses fast drying inks making the process time efficient for large volume orders of plastic and paper packaging applications. Gravure printing offers high quality results for at much more time efficient rates, which is a luxury that doesn't come cheap. This is why this printing application is more cost effective for long running orders.


    Gravure printing

    Printing Presses Plates

    Gravure Printing Plates

    Gravure Printing Plates

    A seamless cylinder made of either steel, aluminum or plastic is engraved with your design for consistently accurate and high quality prints.