Custom Square Cut Labels

Key Features:

  • Excellent for packaging and promotional purposes
  • Used often in many industries and product types
  • Available in any color
  • Available in gloss, matte, and lamination coatings
  • Printed and shipped within 10-15 days
Price on Request

PakFactory's Custom Square Labels

Need custom square-cut labels? Look no further. PakFactory provides a variety of custom square stickers to enhance your product visibility in or out of stores. This can be extremely important for making your products stand out from the competition and take your marketing into overdrive using smart and inexpensive methods. Our custom square-cut labels can cater to a vast number of industries. Whether you are selling skincare, haircare, food, jars, boxes, and other products, our custom square stickers can be the missing element that can further elevate your product packaging.

With the amount of competition among businesses, getting your voice heard amid your target customers can be very difficult. This is especially true when you're a new start-up business that may have too many expenses, in which case your marketing efforts will be in danger. This is why PakFactory brings you custom square stickers to add a touch of sophistication to your business value and give your product the aesthetic appeal your customers have been looking for.

Our custom square-cut labels come in all shapes and sizes and finish to help you further customize your labels. Choose how many squares you want per page, and use the perfect opportunity to get creative with us. You can either choose from our plethora of square-cut label designs or upload your logo or design to select one closer to your existing business artwork. Custom square labels can also be used for running small marketing campaigns, such as a new product, seasonal campaigns, or limited time offers. We have the expertise and experience to use the ideal combination of colors and design to capture the attention of your customers in product stalls, retail outlets, and in-mall events.

As a bonus, our custom square-cut labels are water-resistant and can be easily removed without residue. This makes it extremely convenient for your customers, who often have to settle for torn labels on their favorite items. Our use of different materials, such as matte, gloss, lamination coating, and clear and white vinyl, gives you the freedom to select square stickers for multiple purposes.

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