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Natural Brown Kraft

Natural Brown Kraft Paperboard is a 100% recyclable material featuring a brown color that comes from a mixture of virgin paper pulp and recycled paper pulp with no chemical additives. This material is commonly used across many industries to maximize sustainability efforts or to create the image of a "natural" product.

  • Contains a high amount of recycled content (up to 100%)
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Bleach-free & chemical-free


Natural brown kraft paper is made from a mixture of virgin paper pulp and recycled paper pulp (up to 100%) and uses no chemicals or bleach in its production process. The lack of chemicals and bleach used in the production process makes this material 100% recyclable and gives it the natural brown color it is notoriously known for. Due to its natural brown color, saturated colors printed on this material will come out muted in tone, and it is recommended to print a layer of white before applying an additional layer of color to ensure the colors do not come out muted. The kraft pulping process can incorporate a mixture of wood species, including pine, bamboo, and other non-wood fibers. Pinewood and bamboo are high in resin content, making them exceptional candidates for producing durable kraft paper. Kraft paperboard is an exceptional choice for businesses looking to take a more significant step towards eco-friendly initiatives as the production of this type of material is self-sustainable, durable, and readily available.

Cardboard Thickness

kraft paper weight chart

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table

Basestock Properties (Units) Nominal Basis Weight (GSM) Caliper (Inches) Thickness (Microns) Commonly Used For
12pt 250gsm 0.012” 305μ Bags
14pt 275gsm 0.014” 356μ Takeout Boxes, Cups
16pt 300gsm 0.016” 406μ Heavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt 350gsm 0.018” 456μ All box packaging
24pt 400gsm 0.024” 610μ Heavy duty boxes
28pt 527gsm 0.028” 710μ Very heavy duty boxes

Kraft Color Variance

Kraft paper color

Kraft paper can differ in shades of brown depending on the paper manufacturer and the amount of raw paper pulp to recycled paper pulp ratio. Kraft colors are identified using color IDs and can be color-matched based on samples.

Kraft Color Variance

Ink Colors on Kraft Paperboard

Color on Kraft Paper

Kraft paper can alter the color output when printing, making them appear less vibrant and more muted in tone.

Colors on Kraft with White Ink Behind

White Undercoat with Color

White ink can be used as a base with color applied on top to ensure colors appear more vibrant.

Ink Colors on Kraft Paperboard

White Ink on Kraft Paper

Using white ink on kraft paper creates a textured contrast on the material due to its natural fibers.