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Custom 4-Pack Beverage Carrier Boxes

Custom 4-Pack Beverage Carrier Boxes

Custom 6-Pack Beverage Carrier Boxes


Key Features

  • Structural Design Feature: 6 Slots
  • Handle for Easy Transportation
  • Available in Corrugated and Paperboard Material
  • 100% Customizable in Size, Graphics, Typography & Design.
Price on Request

Product Introduction

Add some attitude to your Beverages with these 100% customizable 6 Pack Beverage Carriers. This product is a simple one-piece concept with 6 Beverage slots for easy access and optimal product presentation.

Material and Coating information :

These 4 Pack Beverage Carriers are available in a few Corrugated and Paperboard material options. This product does not require FDA certification or food-safe coatings as it is not intended to be used for food, but for canned or bottled beverages.

Material and Coating information :

This material offers durability and stability to your products. With it’s thick fluted texture, it will hold onto your Beverages long enough to land in your customers’ laps. Corrugated also offers you a range of printing and finishing capabilities to consider in your packaging design.

Paperboard (Folding Carton)
This material is offered in two variations. Kraft; Raw Paperboard or White; Bleached Paperboard. Paperboard, in both variations, is the most versatile in high quality printing and finishing capabilities for your artwork designs. With this product’s structural design features and endless artwork design opportunities, your brand will exceed customers’ expectations.